The Art of Execution

At CS Art Partners, our goal is to be a valuable part of each aspect of your journey and to participate in the achievement of your self-expression through a masterfully curated collection.

We achieve this for the collector at the appropriate price.

  • Research and Evaluation

    Unlocking the value in a work of art requires perspective.

    At CS Art Partners, research and evaluation provide the backbone of decision-making for every art advisory project. Determining an appropriate work for a collection requires a knowledge of the art and artists, a critical mindset, and a meticulous examination of provenance. Our training in art history combined with our access to global market information allows us to protect collectors.

    Knowledge and experience are our advantages.

  • Market Analysis

    The art market is complex and opaque.

    Understanding the art market requires a global viewpoint. CS Art Partners not only possesses access to the necessary databases but also leverages its international network of collectors, galleries, and artists to determine the appropriate value of art. Systems give information; however, context is critical in developing a collection that will maintain its value and artistic relevance for generations.

    We level the playing field.

  • Acquisitions and Divestitures

    Sophisticated negotiation is key to success.

    CS Art Partners’ access to international art fairs, auctions, reputable galleries and talented artists provides our collectors with a global sourcing network to assist them in achieving their vision.

    CS Art Partners functions as a translator and facilitator between buyer and seller. We work transparently, understand long-term value, and know how to negotiate fair prices all while maintaining strict client confidentiality.

    The result is the right art at the right price with limited execution risk.

  • Curation

    Art is alive and wants to collaborate.

    Art wants to be experienced. At CS Art Partners, we understand that the way a collector presents their art can be as important as the art itself. Achieving a collector’s vision requires the thoughtful consideration of both the collector’s environment and existing collection. Presentation should focus on maximizing the impact of artworks on the viewer.

    When accomplished correctly, an effective art curation creates a visual symphony.

  • Collection Management

    Organization and maintenance are important responsibilities.

    CS Art Partners provides a simple user interface to organize, maintain and manage collections. Creating a database of information regarding a collection and protecting its provenance benefits both collectors and their heirs.

  • Strategic Partnerships

    Our global network fosters seamless execution.

    CS Art Partners has a number of working relationships with a variety of trusted service providers who can assist collectors with their investments in art. These colleagues have expertise in financing, insurance, tax, logistics, storage, installation, and maintenance. Each of our strategic partners has a similar focus on transparency and client confidentiality.