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When CS Art Partners develops a collection with a vision, the individual pieces of art are brought to life in unison to provide a unique perspective about the collector.

CS Art Partners is focused on providing services to clients to take control of the culture they expose themselves to on a daily basis through the ownership of art. The acquisition of artwork creates relationships between the collector, art, and artists.

Finding the right works of art involves not only developing an understanding of the aesthetic appeal to a specific investor but also discovering an artist that has created something consistent with the investor’s taste.

Why We're Different
Why We're Different

We refine
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In order to most effectively guide you to success, CS Art Partners suggests a team approach. Our seamless execution takes care of the vast majority of the administrative details of collecting so that you can focus on what is critically important – the expression of your vision through art.

At CS Art Partners, we meet with, listen to, and collaborate with our clients. We strive to understand and refine, creating a strategy to realize and execute your collecting goals.

Relying on years of combined expertise, we utilize our research capabilities to ensure the provenance of the selected works. We handle insurance and logistics to make sure that your artwork is protected and safely delivered. CS Art Partners will supervise the placement, installation, cataloguing, and management of your collection.


Dr. Chiara Seidl,Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Chiara Seidl is passionate about all forms of art. She has achieved PhD, MA, and BA degrees in art history, archaeology, and museum studies at universities in Europe. She has participated as a researcher and lecturer in a number of international collaborations on various art related topics and has also authored a number of publications.

Her career is comprised of years of training at various educational institutions, auction houses, galleries and museums in Germany, Austria, Italy and the U.S. Chiara is a member of associations such as CAA, the Association of German Art Historians, and ICOM.